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Online movie downloads A new revolution has stormed the entertainment industry. Trumpeted by fans and praised by critics, it is every movie fanatic`s new must have. What am I talking about? Why, Movies Capital of course! In the world of online movie downloads, it is tough to attract a standard fan base, let alone make a name for yourself, but this is exactly what Movies Capital has done. With a client base of over a million users worldwide, Movies Capital is what comes to mind when one mentions online movie downloads. For a certain fee, and a reasonable one at that, you can get access to your favourite TV shows and movies in every genre. Membership deals vary. At $39.95, there`s the Platinum Unlimited Movie Download, followed by the Gold 50 Movies Membership at $35.95 or 70 cents a movies. The Silver 25 Movies Membership goes for $29.95. The choice of category is up to the customer, but it is best to snap up the Platinum offer as it allows you unlimited access to online movie downloads. Members of Movies Capital need not worry if the movies they are paying for are illegal downloads as the company has license to distribute movie tittles online legally. No worries about that anti-piracy police crackdown or B-rate movie service common with illegal movie downloads. Customers can also burn movies to DVDs and watch it on the PC or laptop with no image loss! Plus, no spyware, pop-ups, or ads will disturb your viewing pleasure, but should you encounter any technical glitch, Movies Capital has a great 24/7 technical support team at your beck and call. While customers of other online movie download services experience slow speed and incompatible software, it is a different story with Movies Capital. With software to fit anything from Windows to Mac, the movies can run with anything! Plus, they offer loads of free, high quality bundle software that will appeal to the average user. What you`re getting is direct from their server and with their advanced simultaneous downloading from multiple sources, the files are downloaded at very high speeds. And with the largest movie library collection in history, you can get movies that come in HD, wide screen and various languages. Is Movies Capital only available in certain countries? Of course not! The people at Movies Capital believe that entertainment is a universal pleasure enjoyed by everyone and thus, from China to Timbuktu, anyone with a computer can have access to the company`s online movie downloads. Get movies, tv shows and even music files straight to your PC with direct downloading and online streaming that has NO bandwidth, time or any other restrictions imposed. What`s more, Movies Capital has a 100% money back guarantee if you`re not satisfied with their services. As far as I can conclude, I won`t be returning my Platinum subscription anytime soon. I`m please with the fact that there are no recurring bills or pay per download fees that other online movie downloads have. So to all you movie buffs out there, before you head off to the cinema to watch the latest horror flick or drive to your neighbourhood DVD shop to stock up on the Bond movies: think Movies Capital instead. So much to offer and no regrets - take it from me!

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