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Online Movie Download I would list down movies as one of my favorite past time activities, as I catch up with the latest releases on a weekly basis. On the big screen, the genres I find most enjoyable are the action and adventure movies. Getting submerged in the effects and surround sound is an experience I utterly relish in. My favorite movies have undergone an evolution. They used to be in the form of VHS videos. Then, storage became more practical through the Video Compact Disc (VCD). And now, we have Digital Video Discs (DVD) that boast bigger storage capacities compared to the once dominant VCD. The problems I`ve encountered with storing both VCD and DVD are that after a certain time, the discs become corrupted, sometimes through very frequent playing, and some even to mould! My point is that this physical mode of storage requires some form of care which I tend to overlook. I`ve also gone through a period of renting movies, and it can be quite cumbersome going back and forth to up keep an account. Comparing these options, I`ve recently opted for online movie downloads. Through this way of watching movies, I am able to save movie files on my computer instead of spurning cash on data discs. All I require is a reliable hard disk with an ample storage size, and ensure my internet connection is stable. What I usually do is start my downloading after midnight, and come morning, I will have a complete movie ready to be watched on my PC. Occasionally, I will copy the movies onto a DVD so that I can view them on my standalone DVD player. A growing population of online movie download sites have even started offering files that are compatible with mobile devices. There are several options available, be it through free access or subscription based. Unfortunately, typing "online movie downloads" on a search engine turns up hundreds if not thousands of related links, and finding a reliable site can be difficult. I did a little research, and from my findings, the best movie downloading experience I`ve ever had came from The great thing about this site is that also offers other downloads like popular TV programs. It means I can literally say goodbye to my now almost-void TV set. I can catch up on my viewing anywhere, at the office, a coffee shop and even bars that provide Wi-Fi services. Besides the factors above, online movie downloads are also a more economical approach to purchasing or renting movies. Another online movie download site is, where users are given several subscription choices. It starts at $29.95 for downloading and streaming of 25 movie titles. There is also an unlimited package which allows you to download as many movies as you want to at $39.95, for a tenure of two years. The billing is handled by PayDotCom, which is a widely known company. I have been subscribed to the service for almost three months now, and on the whole I would say that I am very satisfied with what I am paying for.

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