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Download movies for free

movies to download for free I like to watch movies online, period. While the rest of the world crows over HD videos and Blu-ray discs or giant sized iMAX movie cinemas, for me it`s more a case of quantity over quality. And these days online movies are already DVD quality or near enough to that level to be worth watching. Thankfully I have a pretty good Internet connection so I can download full length movies in a matter of minutes. The only problem is to find a good source of online movies. For the most part I've found that sites that offer movies to download for free are either scams or pure adware. While the sites that offer movies to download for free don't cost me anything, it does mean having to rely on their file download service of choice, downloading each and every part, joining the files up and then remembering the password. Other sites that supposedly offer movies to download for free may well be part of one of the aforementioned file download services, either bombarding you with ads of premium download accounts or saying you've reached your limit for the day or worse; lie about the amount of slots given to my country for downloads. So by offering movies to download for free, or in this case bits and pieces of a movie that we're given to entice us into getting their overpriced premium download account, they really mean that they`re not even offering a legal download in the first place. Other such services will instead offer movies to download for free via their adware laden toolbar which in the long run slows down your system and makes it vulnerable to a whole host of other online vulnerabilties. I've finally resorted to going for a legal online service like While the fact that they are fully legal and that they allow streaming viewing and online downloads direct from their own servers for very competitive prices is great, its mostly icing on the cake as the real draw for me is their huge and varied collection of DVD quality movies. Not one genre is left out and I have full access to action, horror, comedy, romance, thrillers and even cartoons, some of which are quite good. I've parsed their lists and most of the fare is top-notch high quality titles that should satisfy even the most demanding of movie freaks like me hands down. also offers great discounts for their three packages. These include the Platinum package for 2 years of unlimited downloads at $39.95, the Gold package for 50 movie titles at $34.95 and the Silver package for 25 movie titles at $29.95. I took the Platinum package as they also allow me to burn their AVI format movies direct to DVD without any legal issues whatsoever. Payment was smooth, simple and secure using a credit card, and as advertised was a one-off payment only. So far I've enriched my current movie collection by about 35 titles and am still going strong, as the rich inventory at has made me forget about sites and services that offer movies to download for free completely.

Download movies for Free safely