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movie downloads for free Movie downloads are great especially if they are free. We all just love movies, more when they are free and open for downloads legally. It is now getting harder and harder to find a legitimate site which offers good quality movies without having to download any peer-to-peer (P2P) software, desktop applications or risky virus filled third party applications. Luckily there`re always sites like where one can find movie downloads for free. is one of the better movie downloading sites which I`ve stumbled onto throughout my years of movie downloading experience. It`s safe to say that I had no issues whatsoever with viruses or spyware. Most importantly, it is legal. It has also very good technical support especially in the scenario of members having downloading difficulties. The best thing about is you can get your movie downloads for free directly from movies capital`s server. This makes the download extra reliable and lag time is dramatically reduced. I personally don`t see a point downloading movies from sites which have lousy download technology although the download is free. As a smart internet user, one must opt for sites with good reviews all in all and sites which use modern up to date technology platform. Convenience is the key to an unforgettable movie experience. I get that with I recently signed up for the Platinum unlimited movie download membership at only $39.95. I got this at a discounted price as is now having a special promotion for all movie lovers out there! I had the ultimate privilege of enjoying almost a 50% discount for the membership which I took. However, this is only available for a predetermined time only. Along with my exclusive membership, I get to enjoy 2 years of unlimited and uninterrupted movie downloads for free for a one time non-recurring fee. I also get to pamper myself with complete access to all available sections! I now download full DVD movies, cartoons, family shows, comedy, action blockbusters and more in complete DVD releases without any boundaries! There is no pay per title fee here and I personally think paying per movie title is like day light robbery. Apart from the membership package I chose, there is always the $34.95 Gold 50 movies membership which consumers can now get at a $25 price reduction. This membership allows consumers to stream 50 movie titles from a designated server. Full DVD movies can also be downloaded in unlimited excess. For smaller downloading needs, movie lovers can also opt for the Silver 25 movies membership which is currently going at $29.95. There is always a great variety of movies and packages to please any movie lover at Adding on to that, members have the privilege of obtaining their movie downloads for free no matter where they are as the entire movie downloading infrastructure is not location dependent. Once again, convince makes free movie downloading more attractive and completely fun! Movie downloads for free will only be savored on sites like Otherwise, download experience will not be enjoyable, difficult to manage and time consuming.

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