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How To Download Free Movies

Download movies for free

How to Download Free Movies Missed the last episode of the Simpsons but don't know where to catch up? Sick of the reruns on cable tv? Don't want to spend a considerable sum on dvds and cinema tickets that cost a bit too much? If you`ve raised your hand and are frustrated with the secondrate entertainment service you have been receiving, then you`ve found a friend in me. That's why I decided to do some research to learn how to download free movies from the web. So how to download free movies online? Using the most popular movie download of the 21st century: Movies Capital. A much newer online movie download service, the company offers access to movies and tv shows in every genre - be it horror, comedy, romance; you name it, they have it. With approximately 240 million customers worldwide, it is the ultimate site in downloading free movies. Movies Capital offers 3 kinds of membership, but I recommend you opt for the Platinum Unlimited package, as it offers unending access to their vast dvd movie archive for a period of two years, after which you can choose to renew your membership. The Silver plan is for those who may not be in it for the long haul, and allocates 25 movies for your viewing pleasure. The Gold plan takes thing a notch higher - it offers 50 movies at $34.95. Members aren`t subject to 'pay-per-download' fees as do non-members, so if you want to learn how to download free movies, it`s best to take up membership. Here's another thing: ever noticed how almost all free online movie download sites show movies hosted on another site? And how you only get to watch three-quarters of the movie on a flickering screen constantly interrupted by pop-ups and other irrelevant ads? With Movies Capital, you can be guaranteed of full movie downloads that don't require third party software. As long as you have a Windows or Mac operating system, you're good to go. They even give out free high quality bundle software for your use to ensure that all downloads are adware and virus-free. As if to seal it's position at the top spot, every download can be viewed in HD and high quality screens where the audio is top notch and crystal clear. Languages on offer besides English include Japanese, French, German, Arabic and Mandarin, to name a few. What I like about Movies Capital is that I can burn my downloaded movies to a dvd or cd without experiencing major image loss. If anything, it comes out better than the dvds at the rental store! In addition, Movies Capital has a simple to use interface to accommodate new users who may not know how to download free movies from their site. There`s also a tutorial which shows them the ropes should they need further assistance. If that`s not enough, there`s an efficient staff of technical support which are available 24/7 to teach you how to download free movies. Downloading free movies online is that simple! No fuss, no hassle and best of all, very affordable! In a nutshell, this is what a Movies Capital tagline will read like: 240 million satisfied customers, high quality dvd movies, unbeatable speed and price rates. If you, like me can't wait to make use of their services, then log on to and sign up for their great deals. Happy downloading!

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