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Watching movies online is sometimes rather depressing, either because the quality has been cut down so much so that the streaming is fast, or because you don't actually get to see whether you're getting snippets or the full movies you've been waiting to buffer until you've actually played it through. Most online movie sites will claim they've got the complete set but most of the time they're lying through their teeth, or at least, that`s my experience. This has motivated me to look for online movie download sites which offer not just full movies, but movies which are high in quality.

I like to see my movies in their complete and unadulterated condition just as much as the next guy. While I've got the fast connection to support this hobby, most good full movies are either still in DVD format or are making the move to Blu-ray - both of which are a pain to get; DVDs because I have to go find a good rental place where they don't scratch their discs and Blu-ray because they`re just too expensive to make them worth watching. Also, I don't have a big screen TV or a full home theater system. Instead I've invested in a good computer with a 24" LCD to go with the good Internet connection I have.

So far, the only online movie site which I've found that offers full movies reliably and without all the minor hassles is Since the movies are all 100% legal, I don't have to worry about them too much. They also allow you to stream and download good DVD quality movies. According to their FAQ, I can even burn the movies to DVDs without any legal repercussions or having to own the movie in DVD format beforehand. also guarantees that I'd have access to their large collection of movies of almost every genre. However, the real kicker for me is that all of them are full movies in their complete glory, rather than the incomplete snippets meant to tease us along to the cinemas.

The full movies at are being offered at a great discounted price for a limited time. This includes their Silver package at $29.95, their Gold package at $34.95 and their Platinum package at $39.95. Silver offers 25 movie titles while Gold offers 50 movie titles. Platinum, on the other hand, offers unlimited movie titles for two years. While I do like my full movies, I don't have all that much time to watch them so I stuck chose the Silver package. Payment was through a secure credit card payment, which went smoothly for the most part. Immediately after said one-off payment was confirmed, I had instant access to the site. So far I've downloaded five movie titles, watched two online and burned three movie titles to a DVD. Thankfully, had them in AVI format so I could just burn them directly into the DVDs without having to do any file conversion.

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