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Free movies to download It has become a phenomenal trend for movie freaks like me to browse the web in search for sites that offers free movies to download. Although the internet is clogged with thousands of sites, choosing the best can be a menacing task. After much research and reviews on many sites, has become my favorite choice. I love it for its consistency in getting a good database of brand new titles to old classics. Plus, I get to do everything from the comfort of my own home. Much has changed over the years. The cost of living has rocketed sky high, food, entertainment, and going to the theatres are getting so expensive that many people would rather wait until the movie is released on video in order to view the film. For those who want to watch it on high quality, he has to either rent it or purchase it from a CD store. But with, it brings a seamless and easy experience for free movies to download with a one time subscription fee that is so much more affordable and convenient. It is 100% legal and there are no scams or hidden chargers involved like some other sites. gives the liberty to users to choose from 3 different packages; Platinum Unlimited, which for $39.95 gives unlimited access to movies for a duration of 2 years, Gold 50 package which is $34.95 for 50 movies and Silver 25 package costing $29.95 for 25 movies. I got the ultimate deal for free movies to download with Platinum Unlimited, which gives me unlimited access to download as many movies as I want. The payment option is so effortless and secure. You can choose to pay via credit/debit card or PayPal. In just a few simple steps, you can bring your home cinema experience to a whole new level. One of the features that made me opt for this site compared to the rest would probably be its clean and organized interface. Everything you need to know is there in one glimpse unlike other sites that makes you scroll down or go through a winding path before reaching the movie of your choice. Movies are archived according to its category, making it easy to find the preferred titles. has brought creative innovation for free movies to download without any hassle. I have tried downloading in a few sites whereby I got quite frustrated at the end of the outcome upon downloading the movie. The file had unfixable errors and was unreadable. Plus, I needed "downloading software" in order to stream or download the movies. Some sites have spyware and may not be legal. With I don`t have to worry about breaking any violation because all downloads are legal and does not involve a P2P file sharing system. It only takes me between 40 - 90 minutes to download a movie from the server, so I let the download run, take a short cat nap and once I am up I get to watch the movie I have just downloaded. Not only that, I can burn the movies to a CD or DVD to be played later on my standalone player and there is no time limit or DRM protection involved. I have a whole downloaded collection in my home now. Furthermore, offers customer support 24 hours a day if you need assistance. If you love movies like me and wish to avoid the pitfalls of choosing from unreliable sites, signup to and enjoy a wide variety of free movies to download. All it takes is a simple click - then sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

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