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Free Movie Downloads

My love for movies started since I was young, getting exposure through the VHS age. Growing up, I vividly remember going to the video rental stores with my parents, picking out our movie-of-the-week. During the weekends, we would play the videos back over and over before we returned it back to the store. At that time, there were only a few movie options that you could catch on the TV stations. One particular TV station even had slots two nights a week to air a full length movie!

Then, came the age of cable TV. We were spoilt for choice from the various movie channels, just with a touch of the remote. Only thing was, you had to check the TV guide in advance if you wanted to catch a particular movie you wanted to watch. VCDs took over VHS videos, but it was too cumbersome to change the CDs in the middle of the movie. Later, we went through another evolution called the DVD.

But now, movies are also available through online channels. Due to my hectic schedule, I can no longer cope with cable TV rosters. I only have so much time to shop for DVDs, and that`s when I discovered that I could have access through free movie downloads online. I just started trying this out, and began exploring the ever-growing population of free movie downloads sites. I would have to say that I was rather skeptical, seeing a list of very recent movies available for download. I had concerns on breach of intellectual property and jumping on the piracy ship.

That`s when I discovered As opposed to free movie downloads, the site charges users a certain subscription amount for movies access. A first timer would have to choose a subscription package varying from $29.95 to $39.95. These packages allow both downloading and online streaming from 25 to 50 titles up to a two year stretch of unlimited movie downloads. It is not only limited to movies; users can also download miniseries and TV shows.

Going through their website, I also found that the service is backed up by an online distribution license, which means I am not eating away at someone`s work for free. Knowing that the download would very much be dependent on internet connection, I purposely chose after midnight to download when the traffic is less dense. An average movie file size is about 600 MB to 1.2 GB, and the one I downloaded is around 1 GB. It isn`t P2P sharing, and it only took me approximately 1 hour to download Francis Ford Coppola`s ‘The Outsiders`. The movie was saved under AVI format, but for streaming purposes, files are streamed as WMV.

One of the more obvious reasons I would stick by Movies Capital is the fact that compared to other free movie downloads sites, the files are not corrupted. On several cases I have tried the free movie downloads, the files usually hung half way through downloading. In other cases, the movies would either start in the middle or get corrupted towards the end. It is quite frustrating to go through a movie for almost two hours and never getting to the end. Movie Capital`s pricing plan is also very affordable. Compared to other sites that charge for movies at an average of $2 to $3 per movie, MoviesCapital offer theirs at only 70¢ per movie! If you are a movie buff like me, you will not be disappointed with

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