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Free movie download sites The Internet is teeming with various websites of which you can watch videos of your choice. With the creation and popularity of YouTube and video sharing sites, snippets of movies often make their way onto our screens, but stop short of releasing the entire movie for copyright reasons. The most annoying thing about most free movie download sites is that the videos are cropped into segments making it impossible to watch the entire movie at one go. The hassle of doing that makes most of us ignore the hassle of going to the cinemas to catch a nice, relaxing movie. There are several legal free movie download sites which are available on the Internet. Being an Internet savvy person, I have been watching downloaded movies for years. To me, it is a convenience. Don`t be fooled by savvy advertising or fake testimonials, as there are many free movie download sites which are scams and fakes. Some offer a selection of old and outdated movies while others have terrible quality. The first site, which I had subscribed to, was CinemaNow, and the main issue I had with CinemaNow was that this free movie download site had a limited selection of movies. It took forever for the latest movie to be released on their site, and the quality of these movies was lackluster. Even with the highest subscription plan, it just gave you low budget movies, movies that were unheard of. With the release and launch of I-tunes, I prescribed to one of the latest free movie download sites- Apple I-tune movies. With Apple I-tune movies, the biggest challenge was the poor resolution of the available movies and its small range of downloadable content. I had to pay premium charges to download full feature movies, and the prices were higher for the latest movies. Sometimes, I felt like I was charged DVD movie rental prices for small resolution movies that were very difficult to watch. After my horrible experience with several other free movie download sites, a friend of mine recommended According to her, it was the best amongst all the free movie download sites out there, and was well worth the money she paid for. After giving Movies Capital a try, I have to echo her sentiments. There are 3 packages, which are the Silver plan, the Gold plan, and the Platinum Unlimited plan. The Silver plan allows you to download 25 movies for $29.95; the Gold 50 plan allows downloads of 50 movies for $34.95; and my favorite is the Platinum Unlimited plan, which provides unlimited downloads for a period of two years. They only charge a one-time payment, so you don`t need to worry about extra "handling charges" or "administrative fees". There is no DRM, so you can burn the movies directly to your DVDs without hassle. Payment can be made using Visa, Mastercard, Paypal,Amex,Discover or cheques. This site is 100% legal and its movies have excellent sound and picture quality. I am even able to stream or download the movies of my choice wherever I am in the world. When I travel, my Movies Capital account allows me to stay updated with my favorite shows and movies.

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