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free downloadable movies Like any other Internet user I've often been suckered in by the words free downloadable movies and found out the hard way that its either a snippet or teaser of the movie in question or the resolution has been cut down so much that it`s nearly unwatchable. Quite often these links for free downloadable movies are preceded by a high quality picture supposedly taken from the movie, so while I'm not that naive to think high quality and free downloadable movies are synonymous, it does get my hopes up when my guard is down. Almost 99% of the time it ends up a disappointing wait as I end up with a movie of questionable quality. After being scammed one time too many, I finally made decided to get a proper movie download service, and by proper, I mean legal and high quality. After sifting through the various false scams and overpriced so-called branded service names I found Movies Capital offers free downloadable movies even from the beginning in the form of DVD quality movies for direct downloads off of their own servers or the option to watch the same DVD quality movies streamed from their own sites. Their huge listing of various titles also caught my eye as there were some golden oldies I'd been meaning to watch for quite some time, but never had the option of doing so. Since I live in a country where the main ISP has a monopoly, my Internet service isn't nearly as fast nor reliable enough to enjoy smooth streamed movie viewing. That`s why I like, as it allows me to download all of my movie titles. makes use of stop streaming so I don't get charged for having to download the movie again even if my unreliable Internet cuts out half-way. The other reason I chose was mainly because of its awesome price point for the large array of movie titles to download from. With its Silver package offering 25 movie titles for a discounted price of $29.95 and its Gold package offering 50 movie titles for a similarly discounted price of $34.95, I was hard pressed to choose which offering was the best value for money. I nearly keeled over when I saw their unlimited download Platinum package deal which retails at an awesome $39.95 for 2 years worth of unlimited access and downloads to any movie title in the entire list. That`s just about $10.00 more than the lowest Silver package. With this deal I could axe my DVD rental membership, and my cinema expenses for whopping savings. Since I spent most of my Internet time searching for free downloadable movies anyway, I figured getting the Platinum package from would be great as I'd be replacing a futile search for good quality movies with something way more fruitful. I only paid for the whole package once via secure credit card and the staff was both discreet as well as professional. I've been using the Platinum package from for over a month now and I have to say it has changed my lifestyle. Rather than going to the movie theaters with my friends, I've been hosting movie parties. Everyone has been amazed and I have to say this has boosted my self-confidence greatly - so to all those movie aficionados out there looking for free downloadable movies, get a good quality online movie service like

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