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downloading movies The world is advancing in all spheres. What was once impossible can now be achieved in just one click. When movies were first introduced, the only way to watch them was by going to theatres, and then the innovation of television took its form. If you want to have a collection of it or see the latest box office movies, you will need to either rent or purchase the CD or DVD for a certain cost at an outlet. Now, all that can be cut out with the technology advancement by downloading movies on the internet. Movies Capital has brought its newest innovation for the first time over the internet through There are loads of services that offer downloads and streaming capabilities for full-length movies. For a movie freak like me, is by far my most favorite choice because it took my home cinema experience to a whole new altitude. Downloading movies used to be painfully long for me as I had to wait for hours for the download to be completed only to find an error on the file. Since I signed up with, I can say that I never encountered this problem. The site interface itself stands out from the rest, giving each user a simple and friendly way to understand about downloading movies from this site. The most notable function is the Search, Download, Watch and Learn icons on the right. It is so easy for its step-by-step guide that walks us through on what we need to do in order to watch or download the movies. The best deal for me is the platinum unlimited movie download plan that charges a one time $39.95 fee that enables one to download movies for the period of 2 years. There are 2 more packages offered by, Gold 50 is $34.95 to download or stream 50 movies and Silver 25 is $29.95 for 25 movies. The payments method is easy and secure with choices from credit, debit card or PayPal. Another feature that I like about is that you can easily browse for movies through the archives that is listed on the main page such as actions, thrillers, horror, cartoons, family, drama, adventure, mystery, children, comedy and movies from the classic to recent DVD releases, all at the comfort of your own home. Although other sites offer full download of movies but it is difficult to get new ones that has been released. Even so, most of the sites are not legal and use P2P file sharing program. On, you don`t need any "downloading software" as all downloads are directly from their servers. Therefore, we don`t need to worry about any violation or spyware. Downloading movies in DVD quality is 100% legal and has never been this easy and worthwhile. Some sites that offer movie downloads will expire after a while but at there is no time limit and there is no DRM protection. This enables the user to burn the downloaded movies to a CD or DVD and enjoy watching the movies on standalone players besides their own PC. I already have a number of movies burned and added into my collection. Plus, downloading movies only takes between 40 to 90 minutes as long as you have a reliable internet connection. I normally start the download session once I am back from work and watch it after dinner. I get my monies worth and there is no scam involved like some sites. In a nutshell, I have and am still enjoying the new wave of the future in downloading movies through I don`t waste my time going to stores and waiting in queues to get a movie anymore. I have it all in my own comfort zone, eating my favorite caramel popcorn and hotdog that is customized to my taste. Thank you to

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