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Information piracy is a common thing these days, with many people opting to download movies, songs, TV series and even books illegally. Albeit the convenience this measure allows a person by enjoying their favourite shows from the comfort of their own home, it is illegal. Infringement of copyright is a crime that many commit and do not take seriously.

Various methods to download movies for free are available on the web as there are many free movie download sites on the Internet. It is very common for websites to provide promises of high quality, download movies for a flat fee per movie. However, many websites fall short of their promises for high quality movies, and some even boast a pathetic collection of old and outdated movies. Scams are also very common around these sites, as they make it an avalanche of a task to cancel your subscription by including suspect terms and conditions when you sign up to download your "free" movies.

It is very often that I miss watching the new blockbuster movies in the theatre due to my busy and demanding lifestyle. That`s not to mention having to brave the parking difficulties, bustling crowds, long queues, overpriced popcorn and people constantly talking on their mobiles every time I go to watch a movie. Having invested in an excellent home theatre system, I prefer to watch movies at home. To my chagrin, the DVD rental stores are no different, as while they may boast a long selection of the latest movies, everything good is always out and the staff at the counter gives you funny looks when you select a movie which may not be stereotypically appropriate.

Discovering is a god given answer to me. These days, I just go online, select the movie I want to watch, click download, and go to bed/the gym/work - and it`s there when I want to watch it. I can even save time by downloading free movies while watching other free movies. Best part is, Movie Capital`s selection isn`t limited to movies; you can even get the latest TV shows. If you`ve ever felt uncomfortable renting an adult movie, you can download free movies from Movies Vapital and never get the "you are such a pervert" look again.

The influence of the internet will continue to grow exponentially in the coming years, and soon the act of going to the movie theatre will be as obsolete as going to watch the opera - done only by hardcore fans. I am now able to do something which will be popular in years to come from the comfort of my own home. I also don`t run the risk of being on the wrong side of the law, as it is completely legal to download free movies from Their tech support is also amazingly helpful and prompt. Immediately after paying the membership, I could download and watch my movies. I was exhilarated at the prospect that the waiting period was not a problem here, as I never saw why I had to wait to download movies even after I had paid the full premium.

Moviescapital is the site for me to download movies that are legal, clear and up to date. I also absolutely love their service, content and easy to use site. These days I even call my friends over for movie night, and instead of drudging trough the crowd for an ultimately unpleasant experience, we all enjoy it from the comfort of my home.

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