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download movies online As a guy who regularly downloads movies online I've come to realize that utilizing P2P downloads using bittorrent or similar programs is just not worth it, especially if you're paying for your Internet by the minute or if you have an Internet cap. The reason I'm saying this is that while you download movies online via bittorrent you are both downloading as well as uploading. So if you were to download a 1GB movie you'd also be uploading another 1GB of bandwidth to seed for a whopping total of 2GB, knocking out a rather huge portion of your Internet quota for the month. While some people may say I should just go and get an unlimited Internet package, the thing is my ISP doesn't have one but its the only one that gives me the speed and reliability I need for my area. Rather than have an unreliable unlimited Internet package I'd like to have one that works great but has a cap or limit for the month. Because of this I've had to look for other alternatives to download movies online. After searching a while on the Internet, I've also come to the realization that most good free sites that allow you to download movies online almost always use bittorrents or their http downloads are limited by the download service they're using. So I may find a good source of great quality movies but if their download service sucks (eggs!) I'm back at square one. For that reason I've turned to the kind of online movie site where I have to pay a little bit more to download movies online like While they're 100% legit outfit with the same going for their downloads, the thing is about their downloads is that they are direct from their own servers, with no P2P, RS or similar download service to get in the way. The other thing is that they charge by movie title and not the number of downloads, so I can download any of their DVD quality movies, have the download cut out for any reason and download the whole thing again without having to pay extra, something many other sites won't let you do. This means I can download movies online with unlimited downloads. As an added bonus the site says that I can burn the movies I've downloaded online to DVDs which according to them is perfectly legit. Seeing as how most of what they offered agreed with me and most importantly I could download movies online without having to rely on RS, Bittorrent or any of the other file services, I set out to decide which package best suited me. offers up three enticingly good packages to download movies online. The Silver package was going for a discounted price of $29.95 which offered 25 movie titles for unlimited streaming and downloading. The Gold package offered the same deal but with 50 movie titles at $34.95 while the Platinum package offered unlimited movie title downloads for 2 years at a similarly discounted price of $39.95. Seeing as how my own bandwidth is limited per month, I went with the Silver package. Thankfully there was no extra costs as I just paid that one time using their credit card form and that was it, no more sudden financial surprises just to get in to their database and no extra fees in the mail. For here and now is more than enough for me but things may change if my ISP ever offers me an unlimited package, but I probably won't change movie sites, just upgrade to the Platinum package for 2 years of unlimited choices to download movies online.

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