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Download full movies Sorority life can be electrifying and quite monotonous at the same time. There are so many sleepless nights due to having to complete last minute coursework assignments, and all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It so happens that the world of the Internet is the savior to my dead boring Saturday nights. My housemates and I frequently rent movies from the video store across the street, but with a study allowance, my pockets run dry every time the desire for a good movie evokes my mood. Of course, most of the time the DVD is corrupt and pirated anyway; why do they charge a price fit for a king? Stumbling upon a couple of "download full movies" websites, I was enthralled by the idea that watching any movies of my selection was only a couple of clicks away. I uploaded a movie software called Lime Wire, thinking that my weeknights will be filled with hours of movie-watching marathon. Unfortunately Lime Wire only allows a very minimal selection of movies to be viewed. I should have expected that nothing good would come out of this when the promotional slogan says that it is free and easy. Too good to be true, I guess. Brought up in a family where resilience and patience is essential, I decided to give this "download full movies" thing another shot. This time, I came across another web page with the headings, "Movies Capital: Legal Movie Downloads". Legal? I had never considered streaming online as illegal. Isn`t everything on the net free? Every product, service, logo, slogan and other related trademarks have copyrights, so basically it is unethical for people to just download movies and music online without paying for it. It is appallingly unjust for those creative geniuses to be robbed off their money-making talent like that. Anyway, this website`s address is , and it offers three plans of membership. The Platinum Unlimited Movie Downloads Membership, Gold 50 Movies Membership, and the Silver 25 Movies Membership. I signed in with my trusted PayPal account and voila, I can now download full movies! None of those ten-to-twelve minute segments of an interesting scene like whatw I used to download from Youtube. Alas, every night I could download full movies and watch them online with Movies Capital. The best part is that it is 100% legal. I no longer have to worry about jeopardizing the livelihood of those in the entertainment industry. These Hollywood directors and producers have to put food on the table as well, just like us. I am subscribed to Platinum Unlimited Movie Downloads Membership which enables me to download full movies with absolutely no limits! The genres offered by the website are plenty, and my favorites are Horror Movies and Thrillers. I might also have a tint of Romanian blood in me due to my chronic addiction to vampire movies. Not only that, the selection of comedic films are incredible, i.e. Meet the Fockers. Aside from being able to download full movies, the quality of these movies is utterly amazing. It is almost as if the screen is alive! As I watched the selection of movies I have chosen, I could relate to the characters on screen. The high-resolution pixels and clarity is so far-fetched, it was such a pleasurable experience. The downloading process is really fast, and is also effortless to comprehend as there is an online guide to walk one through the entire operation. Payment methods are just a few clicks away with MasterCard, Visa, or an AE. Those who have a PayPal account or debit cards can also take advantage of this secure payment method.

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