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Watching high quality movies online quite often borders on the barely legal or downright dirty. While I`m no saint, I do like to think that good movies continue to thrive because we pay for them; and while I like to download free movies like anyone else, I`ve tend to lean towards sites that offer DVD quality movie viewing and downloading. In my search for credible sites, almost 90% of them will claim that I can download free movies and then tell me I have to pay a processing fee for each movie title. Of course there are legal and recommendable sites but I can`t afford their services and access to their collection at premium prices. And then there`s the P2P community that uses downright illegal software like Bittorrent.

After sifting through all the ‘download free movies` sites, I`ve finally found one that seems to work for me. The site is called and they`re currently offering discounts of more than 50% for their unlimited viewing and downloading packages. I`m thankful because I get to download free movies without having to pay through my nose just to watch my favorite mvies. Their unlimited 2 year download deal was quite appealing as the current discount price of $39.95 was cheaper than going to the movies for two years. However, I thought I`d give the Silver package a look-see for its discounted price of $29.95 which offered 25 movie titles.

The site is 100% legal and I could choose to either download or watch the movies direct through online streaming. Rather than wait for a seeder to be available or see if my country has any download slots via the usual download free movie sites, I downloaded straight from`s servers. The downloads were fast and reliable, quite unlike the standard ‘download free movies` sites.

My home Internet connection is rather wonky so I sometimes get disconnected while downloading movies from the site. Thankfully, the site doesn`t count how many times I download a certain movie title, just how many movie titles I`ve downloaded. This means that if my download is interrupted I won`t be charged extra to re-download the same movie again. Payment was a one-time affair through my Paypal or Visa and the people in charge never asked me for anything else afterwards.

After downloading about 20 or so movies these past few weeks I`ve almost filled up my hard disk drive. not only offers legal downloads and streaming but also allows me to burn DVDs of these movies without legal ramifications. I was spoilt for choice with just 25 movie titles to choose from, and since the Platinum package offers unlimited movie downloads for only $10.00 extra, I`m seriously considering getting it as the 2 year deal will last me quite some time and doesn`t cap the amount of movie titles I`d like to get. Rather than getting scammed by some random website, I`d choose as my first choice for downloading movies online.

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