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Download free films What`s a movie fanatic (like me) to do when he or she is too busy to make it to the cinema and all the shows on cable TV are nothing but continuous repeats? Well, if you like me are sick of watching CSI repeats, then it`s time to think Movies Capital! Used by millions of people worldwide, Movies Capital is the best way to watch the latest movies and get free movie downloads from every genre: horror, comedy, romance, sci-fi, drama, you name it, they have it. Here`s the gist: For a very reasonable fee, you can now download free films and more from the internet, straight to your laptop or PC using Movies Capital. Currently the most popular online movie download, Movies Capital has 3 kinds of membership designed to suit every customers need. There`s the Platinum Unlimited Movie Download for only $39.95, where virtually every movie you can think of is at your fingertips. Another option would be the Gold 50 Movies Membership (70 cents per movie) for only $34.95, followed by the Silver 25 Movies Membership at $29.95. Personally, if you ask me, I`d go for the Platinum membership as I did, because it offers users unlimited access to download free films and easy availability. Another thing I like about Movies Capital is that they have the license to distribute movies tittles for direct downloading and online streaming. What this means is that you don`t have to worry about losing your paid membership as a result of anti-piracy crackdown or second rate movie services. Movies Capital is so advanced and efficient, you can be sure no spyware or pop-ups will interrupt your viewing pleasure. Plus, learning how to download free films online is made easier by their website tutorials. A common grouse expressed by customers of other movie download services which allow users to download free films are snail-like speed, jammed screens and incompatible software. With Movies Capital, you can be guaranteed of excellent download speeds, clear screens, 100% Ipod and PSP compatibility. In fact, their 300x download SPD is much better than most 250x movie websites. Plus, regardless of what software you have, the downloads have been made to cater to various software programs, from Windows XP to OS X and Mac. New users can download free films when they`re sleeping or at work, so they won`t have to wait for the downloads when they`re free. What`s more, users don`t have to pay every time they want to watch a movie. What if you live in a far flung place like Tanzania? Will you be able to use Movies Capital? Fret not! With worldwide distribution, customers can use this free movie download service to download free films no matter where they are downloading from. All you need is a computer and the right software. Clients will be pleased to know that Movies Capital is not a P2P file sharing service, which means you get direct online movie downloads from their movie servers with NO bandwidth, time or any other restrictions-yes, it is awesome indeed! With so much to offer, it`s no wonder that many are flocking to the 5-star services of Movies Capital. So what are you waiting for? Log on to and start downloading now!

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