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download free dvd movies Let`s face it: life today compared to life 20 years ago is completely different. Back then, home entertainment used to come in the form of television and video cassettes. With television, you didn`t have a choice in when you wanted to watch your movies. Video cassettes on the other hand, tend to degrade in quality after a few years use. Then, came the age of the VCDs and DVDs. These technologies were relatively efficient in their purpose, and remained dominant for the last decade. However, a recent revolution has emerged recently, one called online movie downloading. This has simplified home entertainment to extents never experienced before. I was one of the online downloading novices that chose to go with the flow, as I was tired of waiting and queuing at the local DVD stores for a good movie, and ending up disappointed when they did not provide good quality videos. Seeing my distress, a few friends recommended a site to download free DVD movies at I was certainly impressed with what I saw. For one, through this site, legality is never an issue when I download free DVD movies. This is because has assumed the rightful license to post and distribute movies over the internet. For me, this is really assuring as I was always afraid of being persecuted for watching or downloading illegal content online. What attracted me most about this site was the fact that whenever I register and downloaded free movies from this site, there were no invisible charges. The site charges a one-time reasonable registration fee, so once I get an unlimited movie download pass, I don`t have to worry about paying for anything else anymore. This is unlike other sites that camouflage hidden charges into their program everytime you download a movie, in the name of taxes and handling fees etc. What`s more, the quality of the movies provided is top-notch, just like how you would expect from a cinema. Both audio and video qualities are excellent, and you have a wide range of movie choices to choose from. Another thing that impressed me was that I experienced extremely fast downloading speeds with this site. This is made possible when I download free DVD movies from, as I am downloading directly from the site`s high speed servers. Unlike file sharing portals where downloading and streaming speed gets easily affected, Movies Capital doesn`t have thousands of users clamouring to obtain the same file. When you sign up to download free DVD movies, there are three different alternatives for you to choose from. The first is the PLATINUM plan (I chose this plan) which gives you full liberty to download or stream as many movies as you like within a 2 year time frame. Next, there is the GOLD plan, which lets you download up to 50 movies, and lastly the SILVER plan which allocates up to 25 movie downloads. You only need to pay a one-time fee, and payment methods include credit cards, debit cards or even PayPal. Try for a refreshing new way to download free DVD movies and watch them at your leisure. As far as your movie downloading and watching benefits are concerned, you will absolutely love what offers

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