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download films When we think of watching movies, more often than not we find ourselves buying DVDs rather than going to the cinemas. This is largely due to the cost factor and the fact that you have complete comfort in your own home when you watch in-house. With the internet revolution, it is now possible to download films online without purchasing them as DVDs. Over the years, several sites have popped up, advertising the ability to download movies online. However, almost all of them have proved to be illegal film downloading sites, and have been closed down one after the other. When I was first introduced to the movie downloading site at, I initially dismissed it as one of the many inefficient online movie downloading sites that I have encountered before. How wrong I was. For one, this site is completely legal. This means that you download films which are legal and your membership isn`t subject to legal suits. This also means that you yourself are protected from such suits, as if the site creators are charged in court, users of the site, unknowing or not, will be prosecuted as well. Nor is Movies Capital a P2P file sharing portal. Transfer speed issues when multiple users are online and downloading at the same time tend to bump these portals. It was music to my ears to hear this as I realized that I had finally discovered an excellent site for me to download films at my leisure. Downloading speeds are excellent as you get to download films straight from their high speed servers. Furthermore, the procedures to download films have been made exceedingly easy. Simply register, search for the required movie, download it and start watching. It`s as simple as that. One of the more prominent benefits of this site is that when you become a PLATINUM member, you get a license to download as many movies as you want. This is favourable to me as other sites usually charge per download. With MoviesCapital, I get to cut down on my downloading costs and get to enjoy all the movies I want. Those who enjoy watching online TV shows and streamed movies will be glad to know that provide these for your viewing pleasure as well. What I like best about the site is that the movies provided come in decent qualities, in both visual terms and audio. Most of the time, downloaded films are found wanting in their sound quality. Not with Movie Capital. What`s more, you can even download and burn your favourite movies onto your DVDs through this site as they provide the necessary tools. There are 3 different choices for you to pick and choose from within The unlimited movie downloading plan, called the PLATINUM plan, gives you full access to all movies within the site`s portal. The GOLD plan allows you up to 50 movie downloads from the site`s servers while the SILVER plan gives you 25 movies. You can choose to pay through your credit card, debit card or PayPal, and payment is done on a one-time basis only. For a totally new experience in terms of movie downloading, try The site is fully legal, provides a wide array of brilliant quality movies to choose from, and has lightning quick download speeds. And as of now, no one does it better than Movies Capital.

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