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Divx movies Slurping on my instant cup noodles, I couldn`t find anything to do last Saturday night. My lovely laptop sat tight on my desk staring blankly at me., so I switched it on and realized that the DivX movies program was rarely used. When I explored the "my movies" list, no movies were available; I had installed DivX movies software without realizing that I have not yet downloaded any movies. I browsed on the Internet to find my favorite list of movies, mostly comedies and horrors flicks, but to no avail. Neither of the genres could be downloaded fully due to copyright issues. I logged on to Youtube to find one of my classic favorites of all time, "Romy & Michele`s High Reunion" but most of the parts were segmented to 10 minutes per slot. I figured that this would not be enough to satisfy my intense boredom level and I pressured myself to look for a different alternative. I needed to download full movies, and encountered a resourceful website at www.moviescapital. com/main.php? do=home&action=view. Not only could I watch movies online, I am able to download full movies at a very reasonable price. The first plan is called The Platinum Unlimited Movie Downloads Membership with an online price of only $ 39.95. As I read further, I discovered that it is a non-recurring fee which means I only have to pay the amount once. The second plan is called The Gold 50 Movies Membership which allows for an all-genre movie download for only $34.95. It was initially priced at $59.95. It is amazing how the fee is slashed to half in this promotional offer. The third plan is The Silver 25 Movies Membership which offers a $10.00 rebate because the previous fee was $39.95 but the latest offer is at $29.95. Just like icing on the cake, these DVD movies are priced at ground-low rates and, they are LEGAL. I do not need to worry about copying without permission or Internet piracy as many would call it. These DVD movies downloaded rapidly and are not troublesome at all. I always have had this conception that DivX movies have better qualities as compared to DVD, but with Movies Capital, the images are surreal, the presence of the actors feels absurdly personal that it makes you want to reach out and touch the screen, Of course, when I was watching Ocean`s Twelve, I did reach out and touched the temptingly Brad Pitt on the forehead because he is immensely gorgeous in that blockbuster hit. Unlike DivX movies, I do not have to worry about installing multiple softwares into my already heavily-programmed laptop so that it would be compatible with DivX movies. How convenient! The local disks in my hard drive have more free space this way. The membership fees for the DVD program at www.moviescapital. com/main.php? do=home&action= view can be fully settled via MasterCard, Visa, American Express or a PayPal account. The information that is given out during the payment is protected and confidential. I used my Visa credit card without having to worry about a third party hacking into my data. My younger sister even used her own debit card to register because Mother would not allow her a credit card until she finds herself a job. The Movies Capital DVD 100% legal full movie downloads is truly amazing that I actually recommended it to all my colleagues.

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