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DivX Movies Download Ever since I`ve been exposed to the facility of downloading movies online, there was no looking back. Long gone are the days of going over to the video rental store to select the movies to accompany me during a long, lazy weekend or a holiday. Movies are now made available just through some diligent search on the internet, several clicks of the mouse, and voila, a movie is on the way to my computer storage. Hassle free, time saving and definitely more economical than the traditional method. Downloading movies online sure has its advantages and disadvantages. Mentioning the latter, I`ve had several experiences where what I wanted did not match what I got. Movie downloads come in various formats, including in wmv or avi format. The size of these types of files is usually huge, considering the average playtime of two hours. Depending on the internet speed, it could take ages to complete download of a movie. Upon completing the download, it is not a guarantee that the movie you`ve just acquired is of watchable quality. There are instances through my personal experience, where the pictures are just so pixeled you can`t make out the object you see on the screen. Competition among download sites apparently has got its advantages. Now, there is a new type of file download known as DivX. This new compression method promises to overcome shortcomings of the previous method of movie download. DivX movies download offers shorter downloading time without comprising on the quality. How it is able to do this is by converting the big movie files into smaller segments. A typical DivX movie download file is around 600-700 MB. With my internet speed of 1Mbps it usually only takes me only 90 minutes to complete downloading a two hour movie. This is much speedier than trying to download a movie size of approximately 3 to 4GB. To compliment my thirst for movies, I turned to This website provided tons of divx movies downloads, and had pretty good download speeds too. I enjoyed how the site gave priority to divx movies over the other less popular formats, since it meant that I could play it on the existing movie player in my computer. The download speeds were relatively fast; I could get through a movie within 40-90 minutes of putting it on the cooker. The first movie I got through DivX movies download is called The Red Violin. I had seen it several times through cable, and had wanted to see the quality through DivX. Fair to say that I was very satisfied with the download outcome! The images were super sharp, the audio was good and there was no skipping or interruption throughout the movie. There are numerous sites for DivX movies download, but the best one so far would be Movies Capital, at There are also several new movies, which would entice the typical movie buff. As a new user, I had to do a lot of learning before going through the DivX movies download process. However, from all my due diligence, I found a rather helpful site. It lists down the common problems and FAQs for a newbie like me. If you`re one too, try visiting

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