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Download Movies For Free

Download movies for free

Download Movies for Free

The entertainment industry is going through rapid changes in keeping up with the market`s demands. Users are learning to get that faster access to what they want, and they want it without hassle. Traditional media sharing in the form of albums and videos are slowly shying away from the global stage. The new avenue to promote music, movies and TV is through the internet.

I must admit that I am one of the demanding users, who would rather get all my entertainment needs online. Compared to having to go out to shop for albums or DVD, getting it through the comfort of my home is much more appealing. Downloading movies, for example, usually takes me just a few hours through a few clicks on my mouse. If it`s at night, I would go to bed and wake up to find another movie added to my collection. If it`s during the day, then I am free to do my household chores, and relax at the end of the day with my newly downloaded movie.

Downloading movies can be done either through online subscription via specialization sites or you can also download movies for free. Online subscription sites offer movies at an average of $3 to $4 per movie. I`ve also encountered sites that offer movies for as low as 70 per movie, but they also charge monthly subscription fees. The fees come in various packages and limit movie downloads to a number of titles.

There are also sites that allow users to download movies for free, such as the link to Movies Capital below. I absolutely love this movie downloading service as it has a large selection base, plus this free site offers the newest and latest movies. Movies Capital includes an efficient staff of technical support, and users can rest assured that the site is void of potential virus attacks. Downloading time is fast, considering the laggard support of my Internet connection. My internet connection transmits at 1Mbps and it takes me approximately 3 hours to download a two-hour movie.

Movie Capital`s fees aren`t expensive; they only charge a one-time membership fee, as opposed to per movie download charges, which are vulnerable to extra "handling fees" and "terms and conditions". They have three plans to choose from: the Platinum plan, which offers unlimited movie downloads for two years at $39.95, the Gold plan, which gives 50 movies for $34.95, and the Silver Plan, which allocates 25 movies for only $ 29.95. After that, one can download movies for free as often as he or she likes.

A word of caution to fellow downloaders, do not try to download movies for free through torrents. Torrents are a peer to peer (P2P) file distribution, which means if someone has a copy of a movie, they can upload it through a network where other users can download movies for free. In terms of legality, P2P distribution is usually illegal, and users are easily susceptible to virus attacks due to their free nature.

Depending on where I opt to enjoy my movies, I will just transfer the files from my PC to a DVD or to my I-pod. When downloading, I simply ensure the file type is compatible to the mode I am to transfer it to. I download movies for free as it is definitely a more economical approach for me to satisfy my entertainment needs.

Download movies for Free safely


Name: ReillyN
Date: Sep 28,2009
After having my computer junked with spyware and viruses from torrents, I have signed up for the movie capital service and I cant believe I wasted all that time with other sites before. Thank you

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